When I originally thought about writing this post a few weeks ago, Steve Jobs had yet to resign from Apple. However, his resignation and my original idea for a post, focusing on our addiction to information on the move, actually complement each other rather nicely.

Jobs has succeeded in transforming the way we consume information in both our personal and work lives. With their intuitive interfaces, sleek lines and quality craftsmanship, it’s easy to see why so many of us now carry an iPhone, iPad, or both with us wherever we go. Raise your hand if you have an iPhone or iPad? If you haven’t got your hand up, chances are the person next to you does.

The iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone, nor was it the first with a touch interface, but it revolutionized the way that we browse the internet on our cells and consume data. Even if you don’t have an iPhone, your Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone handset have all been influenced by this device.

Note: This excerpt is from a ‘iPhone Apps For Work’ blog post that I originally wrote for GigaOm’s Web Worker Daily in September 2011. To read the post in full, please go to Web Worker Daily (http://bit.ly/pwVnOH).


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