The first quarter of the year is always a busy one for HR.

Up to 20% of staff look for a new job in January* as a result of “back to work blues”, making it a battle to retain staff and back-fill open roles. Add to this the fact that many companies also run their annual employee appraisals in Q1, and it’s little wonder that the first few months of 2017 are likely to be some of the busiest you’ll face this year.

To make life easier during this busy time, cloud collaboration tools such as Huddle have been designed to improve how teams connect, share information and manage document workflows.

This is the first of a two-part series explaining how Huddle can improve how HR teams operate. So, if you’ve never considered the benefits of cloud-collaboration, here’s a flavor of what’s possible.

The interview process

We’ve all been there. The candidates have arrived and are waiting in reception, but the manager due to interview them is nowhere to be seen. When they do arrive they frantically ask you for a copy of the candidates’ resumes. You emailed it to them last week, but now they can’t find it.

With Huddle, there’s no last-minute rush. You can quickly build a collaborative space where candidates’ resumes can be securely stored, shared with stakeholders and reviewed. And, because Huddle is cloud-based, documents can be accessed from any mobile device in seconds. No more searching through email!

Interview follow-up

Have you ever sat in an interview and cringed to yourself while the interviewer scrawls illegible handwritten notes in the margins of a candidate’s resume? In many jurisdictions, interview notes must be electronically stored or filed, and writing notes on the resume itself is not considered best practice, making the firm liable for any notes taken hastily that could later be viewed as discriminatory.

Instead, recommend that notes are written up and saved in Huddle (you could even create a simple Huddle Note). Doing this ensures you have a full audit trail of activity and approvals, are always up-to-date and synchronized to the latest version, and can manage document access across stakeholders,


As an HR professional your role is to ensure a smooth onboarding process for new starters – this includes making sure employees have access to the training material and information they need. Unfortunately, as organizations swell in size, so too do knowledge silos. Important documents get trapped on local C: drives, or hidden on the network never to be found again. It becomes almost impossible to keep track of the materials you need to deliver an effective, standardized onboarding process.

Because Huddle provides a “single source of truth” for your documents, it’s the ideal place to manage onboarding materials and policy documents - so there’s no risk your new starters will be using out-of-date materials. And, because Huddle maintains a log of all user and document activity, it's easy to track which of your new starters have read your onboarding materials.

In Part Two, we’ll cover how you can use Huddle to manage your employee reviews and create compelling employee portals. 

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