In the first part of this series we looked at how Huddle can be used to improve the interview and employee onboarding process – creating an easier way for teams to connect, share information and manage document workflows, and helping you – the HR professional – to ensure you meet all of your data compliance requirements.

In Part Two, let’s see how Huddle can be used during the employee review process, and to build compelling employee portals for your important documents.

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Employee reviews

Annual reviews are a vital part of managing and tracking performance and building succession plans. However, as any HR professional will attest to, the annual review process can quickly become an administrative nightmare.

Chasing managers to perform reviews on time, sharing review templates, and consolidating and filing reports. These are just some of the challenges HR teams tell us they face – especially when they use email.

With all of us overwhelmed by our inboxes, it unsurprising that emails get mislaid (or ignored!) and that attachments create issues with version control when more than two people are working together.

Huddle can help to overcome these challenges. You can quickly assign tasks to team leaders and managers, keep everyone synchronized to the latest review templates and guidance notes, and even use the activity log to see if they’ve read your material! No more hiding behind email!

Rather than use insecure email, or printed copies using internal mail, confidential employee review forms can be submitted by managers back to HR through Huddle. From here, access can be controlled and the content secured, and, because Huddle maintains a full log of user and document activity, it’s simple to keep track and maintain an auditable record of activity should employee review documents ever be required in the future.

Employee Portals

In part one we explained how, as organizations swell in size, so too do knowledge silos. Important documents get trapped on local C: drives, or hidden on the network never to be found again. It becomes almost impossible to keep track of the materials that your employees need – from health and safety documents to telephone directories and org-charts.

Huddle can be used to create an intranet-like employee portal. It can be company branded and, because it’s cloud-based, you can be sure that everyone is synchronized to the latest document version. Not only is this convenient to you employees, but you’ll breeze through your next compliance audit with a portal of well-managed, secure, and up-to-date content. What’s more, our mobile apps mean wherever you’re employees are, they’ll always be connected to your content – so fewer emails from employees requesting information, and more time for you to get on with your job!

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