Huddle is fascinated with clubs – with a Film Club, Thursday Drinking Club, Soup Club, Football Club, Cycling Club and an Ultimate Fighting Club (though thats just Nopadon and me) its amazing we ever get any work done. As Andy said “if you make anything a club or society it somehow becomes acceptable” – so we just added another one to the list – Meat Club, recently rechristened Barbecue Club.

In celebration of the gloriously sunny April we are having we decided to start having regular barbecues in the office (well, outside the office, but you get the point). Although it may have been hatched as a mad plan over our annual review pint yesterday, I decided to execute the mad plan (as is my wont) and brought in my Weber kettle barbecue this morning.

The resulting lunchtime barbecue was fantastic, the burnt bangers and juicy burgers going down a treat with the team. And while Jon is still whinging about not getting his fair share of bangers, we’ve already decided to repeat the event next Friday.

Barbecue for lunch – you just have to love a start-up.

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