When you think of large tech companies chances are their logos, straplines, CEOs’ names and key products spring to mind. But do you ever spare a thought for the individuals that work tirelessly behind the scenes building and marketing the product, selling the services, supporting their customers and ensuring that everything is up and running day in and day out? My guess is no. The importance of people in companies is severely understated. All too often the innovative and creative teams that invest vast amounts of time and effort into turning a dream into reality are forgotten and lost behind a brand. But, let’s not kid ourselves, great products and businesses stem from people; their creativity, vision, passion and drive to change the world. Without these people, fantastic companies and products simply don’t exist.

Sadly, the importance of people in companies often fades into the background when large organisations acquire smaller companies. In 99 per cent of cases, when a small company with bold objectives and a clear vision gets bought by a labouring incumbent, it (and the passion, energy and innovation of its people) gets stifled. The focus is on the technical innovation and services required to quickly and effectively update the incumbent’s product.

Take for example, Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Yammer. There has been a lot of focus on the fact that Yammer will fill in the social collaboration gaps in SharePoint and that it “adds a best-in-class enterprise social networking service to Microsoft’s growing portfolio of complementary cloud services.” But there is little mention of the vision and creativity, stemming from the team behind Yammer, which got the company to where it is today. The danger with moving from a small company to a large enterprise is that the fostering of ideas and nurturing of creativity often gets stifled in the workings of a larger organisation and employees become just another number on the roll call.

In his post entitled “Yammer’s Next Chapter”, David Sacks highlights the dream that led to the creation of Yammer:

“When Adam Pisoni and I started Yammer, we set out to do something big. When most people thought social networking was for kids, we had a vision for how it could change the way we work. Four years ago, we started paddling out to catch the wave that we’re riding today. With the backing of Microsoft, our aim is to massively accelerate our vision to change the way work gets done with software that is built for the enterprise and loved by users.”

Whether this vision continues remains to be seen.

Here at Huddle, we realise that behind every great company, there is a fantastic team of people that nurture ideas and bring them to life. The importance of people in companies is not lost here. We strive to ensure that we always hire people better than ourselves and we have built a team of like-minded people keen to make a difference and revolutionise the enterprise content management space.

Creativity is encouraged and Huddlers are never just another face in the crowd. So, if you’re crying at your desk, not happy in your job, are the best at what you do and don’t want to be a tiny cog in a huge enterprise machine, you do have a choice. Don’t waste anymore time – Huddle’s doors are open to people that value innovation and creativity and want to continue to change the world (Yammer team – that means you too!).

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