In house marketing teams have to balance creativity with business expertise. On the one hand, they have to be accountable for their budgets, show their worth to the organisation and achieve return on the investment for a campaign. On the other hand, they deal with issues like sharing large files and working on different versions of documents.

Let’s take a look at some of the challenges and how they can be addressed with the use of marketing collaboration software.

Transparency and Visibility

In-house marketing teams usually work with creative agencies that are based at different locations. The public relations, marketing, design and media agencies all need to be aware of a company’s brand and messaging. Online workspaces, web conferencing and Skype are some of the solutions that can help teams to communicate with agencies based in different locations.

Visibility within the organisation can also be raised. Too often the first budgets that are cut are those of marketing and communications when companies struggle financially. Online workspaces can increase business transparency and sales and management teams can access information on campaigns and what results have been achieved.

Timing and ROI

It is critical for marketing teams to get the timing right, especially when a campaign runs in parallel with an event where every detail is important – the stand design and build, the printing of logos and hand-outs, travelling arrangements, etc. Once the event is completed it is also essential to see if a return on investment has been achieved as well as to highlight the successes and see how to avoid the less acceptable results. Marketing collaboration software can help track the entire lifecycle of each project and allow marketing teams to plan and measure every aspect of their campaigns.

Sharing of large files

Marketing teams work with large images and files which are often stored on a local computer or server. Emailing different versions of files can become complicated and in the end no one really knows which version is the latest. Emailing large files also prove difficult as they block the email system or get dumped in the spam folder. In fact, sometimes the files are so large that emailing them is not even an option and they get copied onto CDs which are posted and then ultimately lead to delays. This is another reason to use workspaces. Everyone in the marketing team can have access to the latest version of files as well as make changes to them without having to save different versions on different machines.

In conclusion, marketing teams can do their jobs easier and more effectively by using marketing collaboration software. They can stay up to date with the details of each campaign and share the results with their company’s management team. What social enterprise software are you using for marketing collaboration?

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