Believe it or not, the basic concept of cloud computing has been around since the 1960s, when Douglas Parkhill’s book The Challenge of the Computer Utility was first published. Parkhill wrote extensively about the internet and the provision of computing as a utility, and can almost serve as a blueprint for the cloud computing we know and love in 2011.

Yet one still hears the odd dissenting voice when it comes to the cloud: “is it secure?”, “will it have the functionality I need?” etc.  At Huddle, we are obviously big advocates and believe that project management in the cloud for example, is simply the best and most effective way of doing it. We work with around 70 per cent of central UK Government departments so have managed to convince a pretty conservative market of that too.

But what makes working in the cloud and project management in the cloud specifically, so beneficial? Here are our top five reasons:

1) Cross-firewall collaboration – the days of projects being managed by a small team that work in the same building are gone forever. People work across counties, countries and continents from inside and outside the company, so the cloud allows users to access project information securely outside the firewall.

2) Full visibility of the project’s progress – project management in the cloud sees all documents relating to a project stored in one place, so everyone can see what stage a project is at. With Huddle, you can ensure that team members receive notification as soon as content is uploaded, edited or commented on.

3) Flexibility – in the non-cloud world a business has to guess the number of users and pay a fee for those, regardless of whether they actually use it or not. More licenses are not a problem but reducing licenses often is. The cloud, however, allows you to add or take away users as your business needs change, flexibility unheard of in on-premise IT.

4) Scalability – we know only too well that projects sometimes take on a life of their own and change, evolve and grow during a lifespan. Cloud services such as Huddle enable you to scale more effectively.

5) Anytime, anywhere access to the information you need – many projects in 2011 involve teams dispersed across geographies and time zones. So the team in London has finished for the day, but the San Francisco team is just starting – no problem. With on-premise systems, this scenario would involve the London team emailing the latest documents at the end of their day. With Huddle, all teams can access information irrespective of location or time.

Are you working in the cloud? let us know the benefits you see from working in the cloud in the comments.

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