Berkeley Research Group (BRG) connects clients to internal experts, and a global network of affiliated firms, universities, and individuals to help clients to overcome strategic, operational, and analytical challenges.To keep pace with the industries we serve and to maintain a competitive edge, we looked to cutting-edge technology. 

The challenge: find a transformational tool that would give experts the ability to securely collaborate on projects, approve documents, share knowledge, or simply access important files in real time, regardless of location. 

SharePoint didn’t have the flexibility for our needs. In our world, we need to be able to do things quickly, create workspaces quickly, and invite all stakeholders, from team members to external partners and clients, into them.

What we sought was a secure, efficient, and universally accessible cloud collaboration tool. What we found was Huddle.

We wanted something that not only combined aspects of both of these systems, but also was easy to use, intuitive, and secure. This is exactly what we found with Huddle.

With Huddle, we can produce end results faster than ever.

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