The humble bumblebee has more in common with Huddle, the best Dropbox alternative, than you might think.

One is an intensely active insect, working in tight collaboration with its coworkers in a communal beehive, sharing the duties of collecting pollen, making honeycombs, and protecting the queen. The other is also an intensely active collaborative ecosystem, which enables coworkers to create, share, and manage content from any device, quickly and easily. Huddle is significantly more powerful than common file sharing systems like Dropbox too, offering rock-solid security, collaboration, task management, and many other features.

Avoiding the security sting

Huddle and the bee share a lot in common in another area too: security. Touch a bee and it will sting you. Put yourself near a hive at the wrong moment and the collective stings could kill you. Beekeepers appear dressed to tackle a nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare attack—not care for tiny insects. We can safely say that a beehive is secure.

So is Huddle—the best Dropbox alternative. The next-generation content collaboration platform and knowledge management system works across firewalls, enabling you to access content in a secure online business collaboration environment—whether you are inside and outside of the organization. As a Dropbox alternative, Huddle is ISO 27001 certified, FISMA compliant, and IL2 and IL3 accredited. It has an average uptime of 99.999% and a money-back guarantee service level agreement (SLA). Huddle is as safe as, if not safer than, the hive.

Why is this important? Well, almost every organization is allowing confidential information to walk right out the front door without it even being noticed. And when that happens they get stung. The loss of intellectual property damages competitiveness, impacts revenues, and can deal a deathblow to brand image.

All the dangerous places company files can end up

You can pinpoint the majority of the blame on external hard drives, consumer cloud storage services such as Dropbox, and USB flash drives. Indeed, a recent survey by Huddle[1] found that up to 91% of the workforce stores, accesses, and shares documents on personal devices. Some 64% store work documents on external hard drives, and 46% store work documents on USB flash drives. A further 40% store work documents on unsecure consumer cloud services.

A poll by the security provider Check Point[2] also found that 71% of organizations believe mobile devices have caused an increase in security incidents, citing significant concerns about the loss and privacy of sensitive information stored on employee devices, including corporate email (79%), customer data (47%) and network login credentials (38%).

That’s not good news. The use of cloud storage devices like Dropbox to collaborate on files and documents is like giving a convict the keys to the prison cells: sooner or later he or she will walk out the door unattended, without anyone checking on their status. Sooner or later your data will do the same too. Sharing files via email can also lead to emails being intercepted by hackers, or inadvertently being sent to the wrong people.

Government-level security for the enterprise

Huddle is the best Dropbox alternative, because it pioneers a secure, team-collaboration approach to knowledge management. Imagine a supremely secure version of Dropbox, and then add a rich seam of features geared towards the enterprise, including collaboration and task management. You can set granular permissions against each workspace or folder and control who can see specific items, for example, to avoid information being accessed by the wrong people. You can also restrict who can invite users into workspaces.

Most importantly, Huddle offers government-level security and works securely across the firewall so that everyone involved in knowledge management can take advantage of online file storage and collaborate.

We can learn a lot from nature. The bumblebee collaborates on honey production in a secure, shared environment. Just like Huddle customers.

To experience the best Dropbox alternative and how Huddle transforms the way you work, try the full version of Huddle free for 14 days with unlimited users, or talk to our sales team.


1. ‘State of the Enterprise Information Landscape’. A Huddle report on the fragmentation of the enterprise brain. April 2013.

2. The Impact of Mobile Devices on Information Security: A Survey of IT Professionals. Check Point, 2012.

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