The success of a business depends on three pillars; credibility, visibility and innovation. For the most part this lies with the board. It is the leadership’s job to inspire and drive change throughout the business.  And when done well, this can propel a company to stardom-like success – just look at Steve Jobs and Apple, Bill Gates and Microsoft, or Christopher Bailey and Burberry.

Sadly, many executives still communicate with each other in isolation – even when making important, impactful, business-wide decisions - despite the knock-on effects on the company. It is this top-down approach, facilitated by out-dated technology that has caused many businesses to stagnate, leave ambition unfulfilled and even fail.

Rather than operating in isolation, leadership teams must understand that effective collaboration is now essential to driving positive future growth. Executives need to communicate and work effectively with every part of the business – marketing, finance, IT, HR, products and services, as well as external stakeholders and advisors.

However, companies are becoming increasingly global and diversified. As a result, teams have grown in size and can be based across several locations, and even time-zones. With so many different people to collaborate with, executive teams must have the right tools are in place to facilitate this. 

For example, strategy development and transformation initiatives often require the creation of teams of subject matter experts from across the business. Yet, if restricted by siloed knowledge and information and complex processes of review and approval, these teams will find themselves unaligned – hindering the ability for innovation and ultimately the success of the business.  Instead, cloud-based collaboration tools, like Huddle, make it simple to work with multiple internal and external stakeholders, control file versions, manage approvals and monitor progress to a deadline. 

The same can be said for compiling board packs. Better and faster decisions come from efficient board meetings, which rely on complete control and secure sharing of all board materials and communications. This means being able to share materials with many stakeholders, regardless of location and having full visibility of an audit trail of approvals, reviews, comments and feedback. Relying on email or paper copies introduces the risk of security breaches and inefficiencies. Huddle instead allows CEOs to engage securely, stay connected and can control how sensitive documents are shared. 

The CEO and its business needs to be able to work efficiently and securely – there’s simply no room for error. Huddle meets this need by combining better mobile working, government-grade security, and secure external collaboration to ensure better oversight of business critical projects. 

Remember; whatever your team there's a place for Huddle. Find out how organizations are creating more collaborative teams. 

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