Thanksgiving is here once again, which not only means big turkey dinners with family and friends, but another year of news stories about crowded stores opening earlier or about the increasing number of people choosing to shop online. What fewer people are talking about, however, is the subtle change enabling an entirely different shopping experience: mobile.

It was not all that long ago that we had to leave the house without phones (the horror!) and even less time has passed since our mobile phones were simply mobile phones. Today all that has changed -- our mobile phones (and even our watches) keep us completely connected at all times. This connection extends far beyond connecting with one another. Today we are able to order groceries, takeout, or new boots – all right from our mobile devices.

We’ve all done it; checked reviews or prices of an item while at the store.  And, upon finding a better price, I know l for one have then used my phone to purchase the item from another store. (In fact, I once purchased an item for “in store” pickup because it was less expensive than simply buying it in the store!) Just a few short years ago this wouldn’t have been possible. 

Further, with many of the big box stores now boasting cafes it’s not unlikely to see people sitting in the store and enjoying a hot beverage while using their phones. Perhaps they’re simply checking Facebook, or perhaps they are shopping online, looking for better prices or coupons. Meanwhile advances in mobile technologies like beacon make it possible for stores to serve you adds, deals and discounts on your mobile phone while you’re in the store.

Mobile has completely changed the way we shop. And while you’ll likely still see throngs of people crowding the stores on Black Friday, they may not be purchasing as much from those stores. According to Deloitte this year Black Friday is set to surpass Cyber Monday as the most popular online shopping day with 87% surveyed reporting they’d shopping online over the holiday weekend.

In just a few days we’ll find out how the stores did on Black Friday. But the real question may be where did they do well? Was it in in-store sales or online sales? 

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