SEGA of America is an industry leader in interactive digital entertainment media, with studios and offices across the globe.

Our Digital Business team frequently works with colleagues in Europe and Tokyo, as well as external contractors.

Hurdling obstacles and rolling out faster

Bringing everyone together to work on complex gaming projects can be a huge challenge. It’s hard to manage marketing plans and milestones when the team is all in different time zones. Information tends to become fragmented across teams and territories with documents sitting dusty on network drives. We turned to the cloud and Huddle specifically in order to keep track of content versions and reduce our reliance on shared network drives, FTP, and emails. With Huddle, we found a great tool for creating a secure, central knowledgebase that everyone involved in our projects could access. And, particularly with last week’s launch of our game Sonic Dash (available now for iOS), Huddle has proved invaluable, streamlining the way in which everyone pulls together on a project from soup to nuts.

Thanks to the easy-to-use interface, the Digital Business team could get up and running almost immediately; people didn’t find it daunting or require hours of training. We created a central knowledgebase for all market research and information relating to the business. Everyone involved in the Sonic Dash project could access the most up-to-date information, including all conversations and feedback around documents. With Huddle, producers and marketers can effectively manage milestones on the games they’re working on, decision makers have full visibility of where projects are at any time, and external contractors can easily access what they need, whenever they need it. We’ve waved goodbye to relying on numerous spreadsheets to establish where a project is in its lifecycle, reducing our dependency on email and the need for face-to-face meetings, which is fantastic.

Say “hello” to working from anywhere

In short, Huddle has transformed the way the team works and enabled us to move away from the cumbersome and complex tools that often made working together such a challenge. People can work on the move, from home, from the office, and we’ve customized the platform to give it a familiar SEGA flavor for workers.


Chris Olson, VP Digital at SEGA

In his role, Chris is focused on ramping up all digital and online initiatives at SEGA, specializing in mobile and social gaming and Free-to-Play business models

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