Amending and approving direct mail campaigns can be a lengthy process complicated by constantly changing variables. No one is more aware of this than the marketing team at British Gas.

British Gas serves around 11 million homes and over half a million British businesses with a comprehensive range of services. With so many customers, British Gas produces a large number of marketing and promotional materials. Historically, they managed production of these materials though a complex email approval process and via FTP file transfer. However, they quickly realized that this was not a sustainable system.

“The security of our customer data is paramount and we have always had firewalls in place, but using FTP sites to transfer large data and artwork files to and from external suppliers was becoming a problem,” explained Bryan Nicholas, the Direct Mail Buyer within Print Services.

Enter Huddle. Today British Gas uses Huddle to manage document versions, control the proofing process and track approvals, as well as for the sharing of files and customer data with third-party suppliers. The secure nature of Huddle means that data from external suppliers and partners can be uploaded to secure and controlled workspaces.

 “The ability to segregate workspaces and restrict access to only relevant parties gives a much greater level of data protection than the legacy system it replaced. Huddle also provides us with the level of governance that is all important in such a heavily regulated industry as ours,” said Lee Bevan, Service Delivery Manager, British Gas Print Services.

British Gas has seen the benefits that many of our customers echo: secure collaboration not only increases efficiency, it also takes the stress out of working with external suppliers.

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