The big news of the week has, of course, been the budget. We’ve been glued to our screens to see what we can expect from the Government to help give our economy the boost it needs and the business benefits on offer.

The extensions made to tax relief in 2012 showed the government was focusing on the right areas, but for the UK’s startup scene, it just wasn’t enough. We don’t have a large market in the UK, so it is essential that we make the most of both the UK market, and the global market. For starters, we should focus on buying British! Secondly, as a nation of tech innovators we need the government to step in and do more in helping our startups engage forcefully on the world stage. This is something we are failing at right now. We have some fantastic technology businesses here, so it’s not going to be difficult for them to find success stories to champion.

In this week’s budget, I wanted to see more action higher up the food chain, when it came to investing in UK businesses. It was both good news and bad news. The bad news is, we’re still facing spending cuts and tax rises. The good news is that Osbourne plans to make Britain the place to raise money and invest in business.

Get the full story. Read the article on the UK Government investment published in Techworld.

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