What could be worse that seeing your office locked down after a fire and being unable to access the business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan? Or using the plan, only to find that the emergency fail-over call center you’d organized has moved and you don’t have the new contact details? It’s all of this and more: having a BCDR plan that can’t be accessed anytime anywhere, doesn’t incorporate information from third-party agencies like the emergency services and which no-one can be certain is up-to-date.

In this final article on BCDR planning, I’m looking at how Huddle helps those responsible for BCDR to overcome these issues; introducing a consolidated, shared store for your BCDR plan. One that ensures you react more quickly and effectively to a crisis situation, protect customers’ or citizens’ interests and prevent significant financial loss.

It starts with that car-crash moment: the call to tell you about the fire in the data center, the tree that’s blocking access to the building, or the itinerant employee who’s deleted the customer database. When disaster strikes, you need to act fast—and decisively.

Who’s got the BCDR plan?

Your BCDR plan is probably stored on a corporate file server, on email or on a removable storage device, locked away in a site no-one can access following the disaster. Crucial crisis decisions are then delayed.

Not so with Huddle. The cloud-based collaborative platform ensures your BCDR plan is always available, no matter whether the network is available or not. You can create, manage and approve BCDR plans, ensuring all relevant stakeholders can collaborate on their creation and future revisions. The Huddle solution also ensures there is a complete audit trail, automated version control and approval workflow before the BCDR plan is put in place. So when disaster strikes, you can immediately determine how employees will communicate, where they will go and how they will keep doing their jobs.

Mobile to the rescue

Denied entry to the building, you can’t access the BCDR plan. A colleague thinks he might have an old version buried in email somewhere, and he’s madly scrolling his mobile to find it. Everyone is waiting for you to take action. You’re frozen in time.

Step forward Huddle. Seamless mobile integration means you can immediately access the latest BCDR plans for review, update, or approval from anywhere, at any time and on any device.  Simply click the Huddle app on your mobile device, access the BCDR workgroup, and you have instant access to the definitive BCDR plan. You can also share it with your co-workers and your ecosystem of BCDR partners, suppliers and contractors when you’re on the move. The result? Improved public safety and potential savings on the public purse.

No-one told me the contact details for the DR center had changed

If the BCDR plan sits on legacy technologies, it can be out of date by the time it is used. For instance, a global manufacturer’s BCDR plan calls a temporary call center to be established within 48 hours at a nearby facility. The problem? That plan was written three years ago, and was never updated to reflect the fact that the call center had merged, changed location and had new contact details. Three weeks and significant revenue is lost while the manufacturer establishes a new call center.

With Huddle, every item of BCDR content lives in one secure place—accessible, sharable and up-to-date. Features such as secure workspaces, version control and audit trails ensure you always work from the most up-to-date BCDR plan.

You also have complete access control. Permissions determine what a user, workspace manager, or account administrator is able to do within Huddle, the BCDR workspace, or a particular folder. This ensures that only relevant stakeholders have access to the information they need and all actions are audited for compliance and governance.

Who’s looking at your BCDR plan?

It only takes one email slip or one cloud storage password given to the wrong person, for the BCDR plan to fall into the wrong hands. That might be a disgruntled employee set on attacking your IT systems or even a terrorist organization looking to immobilize a government service. Whatever the case, your BCDR plan is not secure while it resides on legacy technologies like email or consumer file-sharing platforms such as Dropbox.

Deploy your BCDR plan in Huddle and you know it is safe. Huddle has exceptionally rigorous security standards, including SSAE16 certified data centers run by Rackspace to ISO27001 certification. The UK Government’s CESG department has also certified Huddle for Pan-Government Accreditation (PGA), meaning any government department can use Huddle without having to do their own risk analysis. Customer and public safety is assured.

In today’s always-on, ultra-competitive environment, minutes of downtime can prove fatal. Huddle for BCDR makes certain you can react instantly and effectively to disaster scenarios, protecting customers and citizens—and preventing significant financial loss.

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