In basic terms, file sharing is simply the distribution of files to other people. When choosing the best business file sharing software there are a number of options to consider, but thankfully several of those can be discounted almost immediately. Snail mail and couriers still have a place in business but the idea of using a courier to deliver a file to an external team member seems almost quaint in 2011. It is also too slow, expensive and lacking in security to be considered.

USB sticks also have their place – perhaps if you are with someone that wants to view a file and you have the USB to hand – but otherwise are just another thing to remember and lack the immediacy of the other options. In today’s business environment people want to share files immediately and do so in the knowledge that delivery is secure and they can be certain that the recipient actually receives it.

One such option is email but in reality large files do not always reach their intended recipient and can place a large strain on networks. Then there are file sharing services such as Dropbox. This allows people to uploads documents, photos and videos and share them easily; this prevents strain on email systems and if you have simple needs then is a decent enough option. But the service is only free of charge up to 2 GB of space, which for a business will be used up quickly indeed.

So the most effective business file sharing tool is undoubtedly via an online collaboration tool. They are more than just a business file sharing service. The reality of file sharing in business is that ‘file sharing’ does not mean merely sharing files. It means sharing, discussing, amending, re-sharing with only certain individuals within a team and re-sharing as part of a specific task.

File sharing in its true enterprise sense consists of task management, document management and collaboration. It also needs to be secure and users need to have absolute belief and trust in that security, something Huddle acknowledged right from day one. Our tools have three layers of security; the physical security of our data centre, ISO 27001 accredited and operated by Rackspace in secure facilities; the network security, with servers hosted behind sophisticated firewalls, with a protected perimeter; and the application security, ensured as workspace managers have full control over which documents are available to be viewed by whom.

So in theory there are many options for business file sharing, but for fast, efficient and secure enterprise file sharing that offers a whole host of enterprise functionality there is in reality just one choice, as 100,000 organizations in more than 180 countries will testify.

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