Heading up Business Operations sometimes feels like running up a down escalator. And no two days are the same. Here at Huddle, the role encompasses a formidable array of tasks and responsibilities, from completing compliance, data/content security and agreeing legal contracts, to relocating and fitting-out new offices while consolidating the company metrics for the management team and Board members. Huddle is the powerful engine under the hood.

Working from anywhere is incredibly easy

We could never accomplish such a broad spectrum of duties without having Huddle in place. This is real game-changing, disruptive technology, allowing me to access, share, and work on all my content, through the cloud, both with internal Huddle colleagues and third-party agencies on the other side of the firewall. Right from the moment I begin my journey into work on the train, I’m able to get on my iPad and review discussions around documents that have come in overnight for approval. I’m able to assign tasks, re-arrange deadlines, create a new workspace, and so much more—all while on the move. With Huddle, my office travels with me.

There’s no doubt that I am significantly more productive collaborating through Huddle, compared to typical systems like email, SharePoint, or some other file sharing platform.

Huddle adds muscle to business operations

One of the major projects I’m involved in right now, for example, is to manage the relocation and fit out of Huddle’s new London office. Using Huddle, I can upload the floor plans for the review team to view and comment and approve on—however big the file size. I can securely share documents with third-party lawyers, property agents and the fit-out company just as easily as I can with the Huddle leadership team. And I can add new folders and files and permission them accordingly for the requisite team/individual to view, so I can protect sensitive information which I don’t want everyone within the project team to view; yet all the content is held within the same location, such as the relocation budgets, property lease contracts or wiring diagrams. Huddle’s powerful search engine looks within the text of these uploaded files so I can always find what I need immediately. Someone pipes up to say they didn’t get to approve a contract clause? Huddle even gives me a full audit trail to confirm that indeed they did.

Taking control of your workflow

In Business Operations, I’m responsible for our three global offices. Huddle is a powerful collaboration platform here, allowing me to keep all the insurance, budgets, and other documentation associated with each office in one place. Everyone can share it (After I’ve assigned them permissions), when they work on documents they can lock them for editing, and it’s 100% secure. During a management meeting in London, for example, we can all log in and see the same document. There’s no arguing over “I’ve got version 7 of the document….why are you referring to version 6?” Version control, email, and file-sharing systems are all a thing of the past.  The ability to create a discussion with particular office personnel is a powerful way of understanding their requirements as well as keeping them all abreast of developments. There is no need to use email and the replies that come back are centrally located and can be re-commented on—we truly collaborate with each other.  I can easily keep abreast of developments in San Francisco while I’m in London.

I can say all of this with strong authority. I was in the Army for 11 years, which included operational tours of Northern Ireland, Kosovo, and Iraq, plus a number of staff positions within MoD Whitehall and HQ Land Command. We relied on a patchwork of different systems—email, a secure military network, paper-based systems, and more—to collaborate between teams to work on, develop, and approve policy papers. Huddle is a quantum leap forward from this mixed approach. Huddle offers the equivalent government-grade security, but in every other respect—content collaboration, ease of use, productivity—Huddle beats the military systems hands down. Policy would have emerged on the frontline much faster with a system that works like Huddle.

As an oversight function that ensures all internal operating groups are synchronised, Business Operations wears many hats. It is part oversight and part insight. Huddle represents the new wave of enterprise collaboration and reinvents the process of how people in Business Operations work together.

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