I know that the term 2.0 has been done to death. Everywhere you look you see 2.0. It’s almost become old news. But I can’t help mentioning it in this post. C stands for collaboration after all and what is collaboration without 2.0 and the technologies that go with it. So collaboration 2.0 it is then. It has literary changed the way we use the internet, the way we work.

I recently attended the WTech 2009 conference in London and one of the speakers, David Lacey boldly stated in as many words that the individual is powerless. That in today’s world it’s all about the group and the team. He said companies need to stop focusing on the individual and start paying more attention to the team.

Collaboration 2.0 is all about helping you achieve just that through using online forums, wikis, social networking sites and project management software.

The opportunities are quite impressive. If you’ll allow me to continue to use the cliches today: The world is your oyster.

Your sales team can use online collaboration tools to build their pipelines, exchange ideas of what works in specific instances and manage their proposals with document sharing.

You can create a client portal for your customers: A place where they come together and give you feedback on your product. They can even help you plan your next release for example.

Your employees may be scattered across various sites. Or they may be in the same office but just not talking to each other face to face for that matter. Wikis can help them share their ideas. RSS feeds can help them keep up to date with company news.

This is not new I hear you mumble and yes to some extend that is true. But collaboration 2.0 makes it so much easier to achieve; so much simpler to control. And in today’s tight economy it could be that missing link that you were after.

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