Carnahan Group is a strategic healthcare advisory firm that has consulted with the world’s largest health organizations in the areas of community needs assessments, fair market valuation, transactions and strategic planning. Carnahan group supports some of the most prestigious healthcare institutions in the US. In order to determine the best strategies for each individual client, the firm uses both qualitative and quantitative measures, performing rigorous analyses to deliver the best individualized strategic planning options for each client.

Carnahan Group has built a reputation for innovation, embracing new technology and is an established user of collaborative software. However, the rapid growth of the client base left the Group’s original choice of software struggling to cope.

“Providing consulting services to the healthcare sector means we handle a large volume of work for major hospitals. A collaborative approach is essential, and with our business growing, we found that our use of SharePoint, our initial provider, was causing issues with information management. There was a lot of downtime – and ten minutes’ tech downtime can mean hours of affected working time, so we were losing a lot of money simply through our technology selection” said Meghan Ryan an Analyst at Carnahan Group.

After looking at options such as Dropbox amongst others, Carnahan Group chose Huddle because the team felt that the other programs were just storage tools and weren’t as intuitive, user-friendly or secure as Huddle. Carnahan Group has been using Huddle since summer 2015 and have already seen a range of immediate benefits. Huddle’s timeline tracking has transformed internal processes, speed of task completion and standard operating procedures. Carnahan Group has also seen a significant reduction in the number of e-mails generated around each project, as all information is held securely within Huddle. Work is much more streamlined and there is no opportunity for error.

Marketing Specialist, Erica Hammond, is also an enthusiastic Huddle user. "Huddle is so accessible - I used to waste ten minutes of my day just getting into SharePoint."

“We’re going to continue to use Huddle as widely as we can to upgrade our processes and make the company as efficient and effective as possible,” announced Ryan. 

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