When you want to find out the remarkable power of Huddle, who better to talk to than a power company? This is a terrific customer success story about how one of Europe’s leading energy companies is using Huddle to help teams in such diverse places as the US, Glasgow, India and Germany collaborate.

In the past, Centrica relied on email for the lion’s share of its communications. However, that made keeping track of approvals and amendments for auditing purposes overly complex. The customer was also faced with the issue of sharing large files. The files that teams need to collaborate on are exceptionally large and exceed mailbox limits. Although the content could be sent via ‘YouSendIt’, it was impossible to know if the file had been received, successfully downloaded and that the recipient was clear about next steps.

Step forward Huddle; which according to Centrica was the only collaboration platform that was able to offer the security measures the company required. The difference is immediately clear: everything is now streamlined. If Centrica staff make a change to the document, all they need to do is upload it and notify the rest of the team. They can then go in, add their thoughts and notify you that the document has been reviewed.

Rather than trawling through email, everyone knows that the document is on Huddle and as there is only one copy, it’s the correct one. In fact, Huddle is so good, Centrica now has more than 300 active users using the secure cloud solution.

The audit trail capabilities of Huddle have also proven to be exceptionally useful. At the click of a button, project managers can now access information about amendments and authorizations, which is particularly important as Centrica operates in a heavily regulated industry.

All of a sudden, those teams in the US, Glasgow, India and Germany feel like they’re in the same room.

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