This week is London Technology Week, for which I am an ambassador, and I thought this would be a good time to reflect on Huddle’s own journey as a London-based tech start-up.

London’s tech scene has flourished in recent years and today ranks first for supporting start-ups and scale-ups in the European Digital City Index.

Now a robust contributor to the UK’s economy, this technology hub is a seen as leader in high-growth, innovative technology all over the world. Something I firmly believe London Tech Week is a testament to.

Huddle’s own success can not only be attributed to meeting a growing need (better collaboration on digital content), but also to the start-up friendly environment that London provides. A close proximity to parliament, world-leading financial services and the Government’s support for cloud services all helped Huddle to succeed.

Today Huddle remains part of London’s technology start-up scene – albeit in a slightly different capacity.

Committed to helping other tech start-ups succeed, City University London has deployed the Huddle platform to support its City Techcelerator program, which helps early stage start-up businesses prepare for investment.

Huddle allows City Techcelerator to ensure quick, secure and consistent collaboration across its large community of tech entrepreneurs and academics – all of whom are involved in developing innovations.

Many of the people involved with City Techcelerator work in multiple different locations across London and are constantly on the move. Huddle’s mobile apps help these community members to gain instant access anywhere, anytime to all of their documents.

To date we have helped City Techcelerator develop, nurture and commercialise Colour Vision Testing,, The Levytator, Ring U and Totempower Energy Systems. Projects it would have found more than a challenge without cloud collaboration.

Huddle has come a long way since its launch in 2006. While there are still challenges to overcome, we are proof that London is a great place to begin and grow a tech start-up.

Within this environment, Huddle has gone from a small company seeking seed money from accelerator investors, to helping others within the community prepare for investment. This is something we are very proud of and hope that we can help other tech start-ups emulate. 

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