The only university in the capital committed to academic excellence as well as business and professional innovation, City University London works closely with start-up businesses to prepare them for investment. Through our ‘City Techcelerator’ program, we’ve helped  develop, nurture and commercialize Colour Vision Testing,, The Levytator, Ring U and Totempower Energy Systems. To do this efficiently and effectively would be a real challenge without cloud collaboration.

City Techcelerator is a virtual program, so a cloud platform fits perfectly with the way we work. We need quick and consistent collaboration among the tech entrepreneurs involved in all these ideas and we need it to be easy to achieve. Further, we need to be 100% confident that our data is secure.

Our extended community includes groups of MBA, PhD, Masters and other post-graduate students, as well as stakeholders from other business schools, academics and our technical transformation team.

These people work in many different locations – and they travel a lot! The one common need is for continuous, seamless access to the information associated with each project, and of course the information is commercially sensitive.

When setting out to adopt a collaboration platform we looked at a number of solutions, but only one provided both the ease-of-use and functionality that we needed – Huddle. In an age of information overload and packed email inboxes, Huddle stands out for its ability to simplify the information sharing process. Huddle isn’t a data repository; it’s a platform to collaborate on projects – and for us that means all the way from creation to commercialization.

My immediate team and all the extended teams and individuals with whom we work have quickly come to rely on Huddle to review, edit and share content. This spans everything from primary research and business plans to budgets and strategy documents. There are no barriers to sharing the content; it’s secure and universally available to individuals with the appropriate permissions.

A good example of how we use Huddle is in our ‘Colour Vision Testing’ commercial venture. This is a revolutionary advanced test for colour vision screening, which helps to identify the intensity of colour blindness in an individual and reduce the onset of age-related macular degeneration. Huddle allows all the stakeholders to share secure, instant access to all of the content associated with the venture. They can view and edit files from one central location, create secure workspaces across firewalls with external business schools and other teams, and receive automatic reminders about tasks as deadlines approach.

We also like the mobility of Huddle. Our City Techcelerator users simply download the app and have instant access anywhere, anytime, to all the Huddle features. The students find this really useful as they can be constantly on the move, but stay close to critical content and decisions.

And of course, given the commercial sensitivity of these business propositions, the security provided by Huddle is vital in ensuring our data is always protected. Huddle gives us an audit trail of who has viewed the content, when, and what they changed, which is another layer of security we like. The problem with the other cloud collaboration software products we tested was that if a student left the program, they could continue to access to data. We can’t afford to let that happen, and with Huddle it doesn’t. With Huddle, we are in complete control over who has access to information, both before and after they leave the organization.

The bottom line is that everyone using Huddle at City Techcelerator works faster and smarter. It’s a one-stop solution for our projects, and one that I couldn’t imagine being without today.

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