With all the technology available at our fingertips, we should be more efficient than ever. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Our 2016 survey of 200 U.S. and UK accounting, advisory and management consulting firms found that whether managing tasks across dispersed teams or waiting on approvals, poor collaboration can make meeting a client's expectations as frustrating as it is challenging.

Most work frustrations are a result of poor or inefficient collaboration.

Client servicing frustrations

Easily remedied issues have a big impact on firms today. Nearly 1/4 of respondants in our survey noted they had missed a client deadline due to lost documents. And it gets worse. It seems using the wrong tools not only leads to missed client deadlines, but also to lost clients.

Why lose clients

The answer to this issue is pretty clear: collaboration leads to improved efficiency, especially in client servicing. 

Make client engagement more efficient

However, in reality, this may not be so simple. In an effort to improve collaboration efforts, many firms have invested (often substantially) in "collaboration" technology. Despite this, the research suggests that many firms are failing to find the balance between security and usability with these solutions. 

Huddle makes collaboration easy and secure, keeping employees productive and allowing firms to meet and exceed client expectations.


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