Even as recently as the 1990s, collaboration in the workplace was something you only really did with the people you sat with.

Yes, you could email colleagues in other locations and go through things with them over the phone, but neither email nor the telephone are true collaboration tools.

Now we live in the era of what Mashable refers to as the Collaboration Economy and it is platforms such as Huddle that are driving this. It is not only possible to now communicate and collaborate with colleagues wherever they are in the world, but also to do the same with any number of suppliers, partners, consultants, clients or affiliates that your job requires.

People these days have a personal business ecosystem that can run into the hundreds. For example, Huddle is a tool used by a number of PR agencies. An account manager at a top PR agency would expect to work on four or five accounts (although this can run into double figures if you are unlucky!). During the course of an average day, they could expect to come into contact with colleagues, clients, designers, online and creative agencies, as well as colleagues in different locations or working remotely. If it’s an international project then that line-up could be replicated several times again.

Now the idea of sending files to and fro across all that lot is enough to make an IT manager weep. Not only would the strain on email systems be immense, but the practicalities of tracking which is the latest version of a document would be all but impossible.

In such a scenario, the people involved need to collaborate easily and effectively across sites and across firewalls and do so in a safe and secure environment.  Given that Huddle is used by more than 60 per cent of UK central government departments, it is safe to assume that we meet the strictest demands possible when it comes to security. Any confidential client documents will remain so and we also allow you to set user permissions, so it is easy to control exactly who is allowed to view certain documents.

These are essential qualities, needed and demanded by those involved in the Collaboration Economy.  Many of us collaborate with hundreds of people during the course of our work and thankfully distance is no longer a barrier to true successful collaboration.

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