Today, as I mentioned in a previous post about collaboration technologies, there is a huge amount being written about the mega trends of social, mobile, and cloud.

Analyst houses, journalists, and thought leaders across the globe have predicted that this nexus of converging forces will dominate enterprises in 2013. In short, the IT industry is rapidly accelerating to what IDC is calling “the 3rd Platform” and the research organization predicts that, over the next seven years, these technologies will drive 90% of all IT market growth.

But what does this mean for enterprises deploying these new technologies, collaboration technology in particular, and how are they impacting the workforce on a daily basis? Well, one of the key reasons I joined Huddle back in January was that I felt the company was uniquely positioned to help the enterprise come to grips with using mobile, social, and cloud technologies to share and work on content. In my view, Huddle is a platform that can drive employee productivity and enables seamless collaboration within and beyond enterprise borders. Three months in, my personal experiences of the product have proved my belief correct and demonstrated just how much value businesses stand to gain from innovative collaboration technology that brings social, mobile, and cloud together.

To that end, let me run you through my workday, so you can see a clear picture of how easy Huddle’s collaboration technology makes my job.



Working on the move

Every morning when I commute into the San Francisco office—or travel to meetings—I immediately open Huddle’s iPhone app and see what documents the intelligent recommendation engine has pushed to my device. Based on the people I work with, the documents I’ve worked on, and requests for approvals and feedback, the content that is most relevant to me is immediately at my fingertips. Whether it’s a company press release that requires my approval, the latest budget spreadsheets, a new campaign idea or notes from the latest team meeting, I can review and approve a wealth of content before I even get into the office. It’s a bit like having a personal assistant in my pocket, prioritizing my working day, and I now live by the “Suggested Files” & “Approvals” on my iPhone. Before I even arrived to the office, I have already completed a huge amount of work in what would traditionally have been “dead time” while traveling.


Working in the office

Once I’m in the office, chances are I’ll be in and out of meetings with my team, talking to our global offices via Skype and discussing the many activities we have going on at any one time with our numerous suppliers. I flip between my iPad and my MacBook Pro, continually through the day. Whether it’s creating enablement materials for sales, developing webinar content with my campaign managers in London, New York, or San Francisco, finalizing messaging documents, or gaining case study approvals with customers, all of my activities have a few things in common:


  • All of my documentations flow through an approval process—as seamlessly as possible
  • Feedback is collated and incorporated into content
  • My teams work together inside our company and across the firewall with suppliers, partners, customers, and contractors
  • I access content regardless of where I am and what device I’m on
  • I have visibility on all ongoing projects at any time for reporting purposes and company decks



Keeping on top of everything

Huddle ensures that all of the above happens and rather than drowning in paperwork, trying to locate email attachments and hunting through my inbox for discussions, everything is right in front of me. Files are surrounded by all of the conversations and social interactions that directly relate to it and I can view audit trails, previous versions and team members’ feedback with just one click.

If you’re a fellow CMO reading this post, you’ll no doubt sympathize with the mountain of PO numbers and new system processes I have to review and approve weekly. Now all new Eloqua and Salesforce processes, as well as PO numbers, can be signed off with just one click and all relevant parties notified immediately—that’s very impressive. What’s probably even more important is that there is now a clear audit trail maintained seamlessly by Huddle—for all to see.

In today’s “always-on” digital world, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the spinning wheel of collaboration technology out there aimed at helping us with our work lives, but I can honestly say that Huddle has truly streamlined and transformed the way I work.

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