The Commonwealth Secretariat is responsible for facilitating cooperation between members in 54 countries. This includes organizing meetings and advising policy development and implementation throughout the Commonwealth.

Keeping the conversations going

We work with a number of high-level government representatives and partner organizations across the Commonwealth, therefore effective collaboration is very important to us. Our primary concern was how to continue the dialogue between our face-to-face meetings. We needed an online collaboration platform to span geographical distance, and one that could handle the challenges of varying connectivity and IT literacy.

Moving out of the inbox

Before Huddle, we had a bespoke solution in place. But unfortunately, it wasn’t meeting our users’ needs. Accessibility was the main issue, leading users to rely on email to share documents, which can often lead to duplication or things getting buried in email inboxes.

We carried out an in-house evaluation of the market to review the solutions available before conducting a formal tender process. Out of the three preferred suppliers we invited to present, Huddle did the job on the day. Their total package was more exciting and had far more potential than its competitors. Huddle is cloud-based and accessible via an online login, so we now have a platform that’s easy to use and very robust.

Working on the go

Huddle helps increase productivity and efficiency within the Commonwealth Secretariat, whilst helping to create a much-needed shift towards working online. Huddle has really enabled our organization to test the theories around knowledge sharing and collaborative working online. Huddle’s tablet and smartphone apps have helped us test the benefits of mobile working and how we can use this channel moving forward.

Working with international government organizations, we deal with a certain amount of sensitive information. Security was an essential feature for us. Huddle is pan-government accredited at IL2, providing an ideal environment for us to store and share information.

We currently have 85 workspaces with more than 900 users. We continuously look for new ways to develop and support areas of expertise across the Commonwealth. Huddle is an integral part of what we do and forms a distinct part of our online proposition, providing a platform for us to share and collaborate. This has helped us step closer to our strategic vision of a better-connected Commonwealth.


Pukul Rana, Digital Strategy Advisor, Commonwealth Secretariat

Pukul Rana is the Lead on digital strategy planning and implementation across existing programmes and activity in 54 countries. Pukul advises a number of senior stakeholders (incl. Government Ministers and strategic partners) on the integration of digital communications. His work has allowed him to work alongside subject experts and industry pioneers around the world.

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