Many legacy ECM systems, such as SharePoint, weren’t built to deliver the external collaboration requirements of today’s businesses. In fact, more than a quarter of SharePoint deployments are augmented with third-party tools, such as Huddle, to enhance functionality and deliver secure cloud-based collaboration that works across the firewall.

Why? Because today’s employees value (and expect) the same level of usability they find in consumer tools. If users find existing ECM deployments difficult to use, or they need to collaborate on content stored within network drives, you risk them defaulting to their own consumer- grade, and insecure, file sharing and collaboration tools. The result: a total loss of control over data and the inability to secure it.

By deploying Huddle alongside your ECM system, network drive or cloud storage provider, users can quickly create, edit, manage and control content in secure Huddle Workspaces without added burden to your IT support teams.

Many companies now want to leverage a hybrid approach, maintaining their on-premise data repositories but also wanting to benefit from the flexibility and mobility afforded by cloud collaboration solutions. That’s why our Content Connector connects to more than 25 different content repositories from Autodesk to Syncplicity.

With Huddle Content Connector you can quickly synchronize, copy or migrate content between systems, maintaining the integrity of on-premise data while benefiting from the anywhere, any device flexibility of Huddle. 

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