Coworking is an emerging trend for a new generation of workers looking to avoid the traditional 8-5 shift in a boring cubicle, or the dreaded commute.

Coworking spaces have been developed by entrepreneurs, consultants, and freelance artists seeking an alternative to working in coffee shops and cafes, or the isolation of independent or home offices. Coworking spaces offer the appeal of a progressive workspace, blended with a casual cafe like feel, while still offering all of the important things you need to run your business. (high-speed internet, phones, conference rooms). That’s what makes cool coworking spaces.

So here are ten seriously cool coworking spaces from around the world that offer space for less than $500/month. Stop working in isolation, and start coworking! You would be forgiven for thinking all the cool coworking spaces resided in San Francisco, but actually there are cool coworking spaces all over the place.

IndyHall: Philadelphia, PA – Committed to openness, and collaboration, IndyHall draws inspiration from start-up companies and collaborative conferences like Barcamp.

The Hub: Amsterdam – Located in an elegant old school building on the Westerstraat in the heart of the Jordaan, The Hub in Amsterdam is a fusion of old and new, marrying the original features of the building with contemporary Dutch design.

The work space incorporates a cafe and state of the art meeting rooms. During the evening, The Hub Amsterdam can transform into an innovative event spaces for events, lectures, debates, dinners and cultural fare, playing host to some of the most imaginative and compelling speakers and facilitators from around the Netherlands and beyond.

The Hub: Bristol – Located on the top floor of Bush House above the Arnolfini in the center of Bristol, the workspace offers unprecedented panoramic views of the city and historic harbor.

CitizenSpace: San Francisco – Built on the coworking philosophy, CitizenSpace combines productive elements of a traditional office with the energy of a trendy coffee shop.

theOffice: Santa Monica, Ca. – Brainchild of Aleks Horvat, who struggled for years trying to write Hollywood movies from coffee shops, uses the word “inspired” to refer to the workspace he developed. Featuring chic interior design and up-scale furniture, this coworking space will hopefully inspire your next movie.

WorkSpace: downtown Vancouver, CA – Inspired by the trend of working in cafés, WorkSpace is a shared office unlike any other. Featuring loft meeting rooms, a lounge, and a cafe, the WorkSpace is a great place to work. The WorkSpace is an almost entirely open concept, yet provides privacy when you need it. It’s good that the coworking space is a destination in itself, because the city of Vancouver is a seriously cool city, offering a lot of distractions.

paragraph: New York, NY – Designed for writers, by writers, paragraph is a quiet and tranquil place to write. Located on 14th street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, Paragraph occupies the entire top floor of a three-story building. The 2500 sq. ft. loft space is divided into two areas — a writing room and a kitchen and lounge area

Bureaux – Melbourne, Australia – Featuring 12 meeting rooms with electronic whiteboards, private workstations, a cafe and informal lounge and a huge conference room, Bureaux Melbourne is a fabulous coworking space.

BCN: Berlin – Coworking spaces are becoming very popular in Berlin, with new locations opening all the time. This space, located in Kreuzberg – currently one of the culturally most active quarters in Berlin, is a melting pot of cultures. Kreuzberg has emerged from its history as one of the poorest quarters in Berlin in the late 1970s, where it was an isolated section of West Berlin, to one of Berlin’s cultural centers. This is where “zeitgeist“ arises – it can be felt and lived everywhere.

Raum betahaus: Berlin – Their notions of space and function hover between a Viennese coffee house, a library, a home office, and a school campus. They have combined the best aspects of all of those areas to create a truly unique coworking space.

Betahaus Coworking Space

Check the coworking wiki to see if coworking is going on near you. Can’t find one in your city? Get started with a local Jelly chapter. Jelly is like coworking, but casual and nomadic. Already a seasoned coworker? Leave us a comment and tell us about your cool coworking spaces!

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