Marketing can sometimes feel like asking a magician to do real magic. You’re expected to conjure up instant collaboration with your team and your network of marketing agencies, make sure nothing confidential slips out the hat and meet almost impossible deadlines. You’ll know too that there’s no magic in the fragmented set of systems you’re relying on now for marketing collaboration: email, SharePoint and cloud storage tools like Dropbox or Hightail.

Turning ordinary into extraordinary

This series of blogs will explore why—when it comes to marketing collaboration—Huddle is the absolute opposite of ordinary. In fact, Huddle is made for marketing. It combines the power of social networking, content creation and real-time communications and project management. So you deliver more right-time marketing programs on budget and with better results.

This first article spotlights the engine room of your marketing strategy: Corporate Communications. The place where your organization’s messaging is mastered and broadcast to everyone from customers and employees, to the media and analysts.

Shine a light

Here’s the problem. Content collaboration in Corporate Communications can feel like a day out on a Disneyland rollercoaster: uphill one second, downhill the next, frightening, no control and you’re often in the dark. Multiple stakeholders inside and outside the organization make it difficult to perform version and audit control, confidential content such as quarterly financial statements can easily leak outside the organization and documents can be difficult to find when deadlines are looming.

With Huddle, everything is securely stored in one central location. Stakeholders have permission-based access to the content, so they can quickly review and approve the content—on the move if they choose. You have a complete, unified record of events for audit trails and compliance, should the need arise. And external agencies can also easily join the conversation—but only on your conditions. Remember, you’re the one in control.


Take this blog article you’re reading now, for example. I wrote it on my iPad, and used the Huddle app to post it to a Huddle workspace, allowing assigned individuals on the Corporate Communications team to approve it by the deadline I set. Each person in the workspace could see who reviewed the blog, with all comments and feedback stored alongside the document. Huddle even chased individuals when their assigned approval date was due and a comprehensive audit trail identified who had done what with the document.

Huddle is just effective when used in Corporate Communications to collaborate with external agencies—like PR and advertising companies, digital design companies and event organizers. Disregard email, FTP and the other non-secure consumer file sharing tools you’re using now to crack through the firewall. Setting up a secure Huddle workspace with each external agency ensures everyone can access the content they need, when they need it.

A folder structure can be created for media announcements, images, events, campaigns, opinion pieces and so forth. Moreover, everyone has full visibility of which versions of campaign materials, articles and press releases are final. And approvals, feedback and tasks are managed centrally, so there is no confusion as to what was decided, when and by whom. Just in case that rogue press release is sent out over the wire before the embargo ends.

Huddle streamlines and enhances the end-to-end analyst relationship too. For example, a master analyst tracker can be maintained in a central Huddle workspace where briefings and reports are recorded. The approval of, and feedback on, a customer questionnaire can be managed via Huddle. And customer contact details can be stored centrally so an analyst house can access information for survey distribution.

A bag of tricks like no other

If you’re managing a customer advocacy/reference program, the advantages of Huddle shine through. Right now, you probably relying on a mass of spreadsheets, with no clear idea of which customers offer the optimal opportunity for referral or which ones are available to speak to journalists.

With Huddle, you can harvest more customer advocates and deliver more endorsements for your products. Huddle enables you to create a central tracking system for reference candidates, containing details of media announcements and the case study pipeline, all stored in a Corporate Communications folder. Case studies and media announcements for approval can be uploaded into relevant files and deadlines set. Customers can be invited to join secure folders to review and approve their content.

With Huddle, Corporate Communications can master the art of quick, secure, and complete collaboration. More campaigns, more leads and opportunities for sales and a more consistent corporate message. This is magical marketing.

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