One of the great things about Huddle is its usability.

Unfortunately, usability is something that’s easily overlooked when organizations choose a client portal solution; and it’s only when business users start using their chosen app that they realize how cumbersome and slow it can be.

When that happens it’s all too easy for the client portal to be side-lined, and for users to default to old, non-collaborative, and less secure ways of working with their clients (email, personal file sharing services etc). And of course, if the portal is too cumbersome for business users – imagine the complexity for clients!

We often talk about ease-of-use as a core Huddle “feature” when working with organizations looking for a client portal. In particular, how simple it is to create a new Workspace and invite clients into it.  In many other tools, like Microsoft SharePoint for example, it can take several hours – even days if you need support from IT.

At a meeting last week, I bragged that all of this could be done in Huddle in less than two minutes – saving valuable time for users.

After the meeting I got thinking. Exactly how quickly can you set up a new Client Portal (Workspace) in Huddle, create the necessary teams and permissions and invite clients into it?

Could it be done in under 60 seconds?

Well, yes it can….and here’s the proof.

Leveraging Huddle’s Templating feature, you could even make this process bespoke to different client types. This allows you to create a new Workspace and assign an existing “template” – automatically adding in teams, tasks, permissions and files.

If you’re looking at deploying a Client Portal, think about the common workflows that your users will have to go through. How easy is it for them to create a new Client Workspace, build teams, configure permissions and invite clients to join them? It’s a great measure for the usability of the entire app!

Try Huddle for yourself (and see if you can beat my record!), by requesting a demo with one of the team today.

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