For many organizations, Salesforce is central to their new business processes, including managing new opportunities - from lead origination, through to winning a new deal.

But did you know that after you’ve won a new client, you can now use Salesforce to create a Huddle Client Portal and automatically invite your clients into it?

A Huddle Client Portal is a great way to manage your long-term client relationships, but when you’ve got multiple client contacts to invite in, it’s just another thing to think about. After all, you should be celebrating your new win, not worrying about more admin!

Using Huddle’s API you can create a new Client Workspace in second – directly from your Salesforce record.



Creation can be triggered from an Opportunity stage advancement, or a change to a custom Salesforce field. However you choose to do it, any client contacts associated with the Opportunity will be automatically invited into the Workspace using the contact data you hold for them. The Opportunity owner will also be added to the Workspace, so that they can immediately start sharing files and collaborating on work with the client.

If you’re as client-obsessed as we are, you’ll know that first impressions count. That’s why we believe having a fast, efficient and consistent way to onboard your clients into a Huddle Client Portal from within the world’s number one CRM is a highly effective way to build collaborative client relationships that last.

It’s just one of the ways that we’re building a new ecosystem of integrations to help you get the most out of Huddle from within the applications you love, while also reducing burdensome admin so your client facing teams can spend more time delivering an excellent customer experience.

To learn more about using Huddle with Salesforce, talk to your Huddle Customer Success Manager or contact sales 

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