When you’re starting a new engagement, organizing your documents can really help to get things off to the right start. Creating a structure using a tried and trusted layout, with document names that the team are familiar with, means that colleagues and clients will know where to go to find what they need right from the start of the project.

That’s why we’ve made it really simple for you to create new Microsoft Office documents right from Huddle: 

  • Create blank Microsoft Office documents in Word, PowerPoint and Excel, directly from the browser.

  • To create a new document, go to the files tab in your workspace and select your preferred document type from the create menu (on right).

  • No additional software is needed to use this feature! (Of course you’ll still need Microsoft Office or another compatible productivity tool to edit documents)

Whether you need to set up a whole new engagement, or just add a single document, creating new Microsoft Office documents in Huddle is quick and simple, and we’re sure this feature will help you to be even more productive.

If you want to find out more, read the release notes, or checkout our handy help article. And, remember you can always upload new documents into Huddle right from your desktop or mobile device.



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