Whether you’re jumping between meetings, switching from the office to the road, or trying to manage multiple conflicting priorities; at Huddle, we recognize that switching between activities or locations can interrupt the flow, putting unnecessary pressure on your productivity.

With the latest version of Huddle's 'recent files' feature, we’ve made your life a little bit simpler.

By ensuring the documents you most recently viewed, edited or shared are quickly and easily accessible across all the devices you use to access Huddle, we’re making it easier to hop between activities, locations and devices.  

Perhaps you've been reviewing an updated proposal on your iPhone on your way into the office, and now you want to make some edits.  Once at your desk, simply fire up your laptop, and the very same document will be right there at the top of the recent files list.


Get straight to what you’re looking forrecent files on iOS

By designing the recent files feature to show the 50 most recent documents you were working on in chronological order, we’ve taken the stress out of managing and organizing your documents. And, if you’re using Huddle for iOS, or the Huddle desktop app for Mac OS and Windows, search has also been optimized to look in your recent files list first, returning results immediately, even when you’re offline. We've already seen great results, with 30% of searches on the iOS app now being successfully addressed by recent files.

We know you’ve got a lot going on, so we’re staying focused on helping you stay productive. Watch out for more Huddle productivity enhancements in upcoming releases.

The recent files features is currently available via Huddle for Web, Huddle for iOS and the Huddle desktop app for Windows and Mac OS.

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