Have you used discussions on Huddle Workspaces for LinkedIn yet? You can add it them here http://bit.ly/huddle and start the debate now.

Huddle Discussions in Workspaces are exactly like conversations or web forums – They’re an ideal tool for team collaboration as they’re the perfect place to discuss issues, solve problems, share links, send messages and post announcements. So instead of emails flying around the office – getting lost in junk mail, replies being forgotten or not sent, a discussion allows you to keep track of all responses in a secure location and ensures you have this archived as long as you need it.

So here’s how it works. Add Huddle Workspaces to your LinkedIn profile http://bit.ly/huddle. Invite a few connections to start a discussion.

To start a discussion click the ‘New Discussion’ button, and give the discussion a title – then write your message underneath. Once you’re done you will see a link to ‘notify’ the users in the workspace and invite them to join the discussion. Then click create discussion – this will take you to a screen showing your initial discussion post.

Clicking on the main Discussions tab will display the full list of discussions already in progress. From here you can see the title, date and time the discussion was created and by whom. On the right you also see the number of replies so far and who the most recent post was added by. To view the discussion just click the title.

If you want to add a reply to one of the discussions in the list then you just need to click the Reply button – this will open a similar box as adding the first discussion post. All users who are part of the discussion will automatically be notified once your post is submitted.

Another great thing. If you click the “Link existing Huddle.net account” link at the top of the LinkedIn Huddle Workspaces page this will automatically synch changes you make in the application with your main Huddle account (or vice versa). So if you have workspaces set up with LinkedIn connections as well as colleagues on Huddle you can keep up to date with them all!

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