Whether you’re up against a deadline, managing multiple client engagements, or pulling together the results of a client project, having software tools that play nicely together can make a big difference to your productivity.

Huddle Desktop is your everyday shortcut to Huddle. It’s available for Windows or Mac, and connects the desktop and web experience to simplify how you find, open and edit documents. On Windows, it’s also integrated into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook to give you quick access whenever you need it.

Since the launch back in July, we’ve had some great feedback and have been busy making it even easier to create, edit, review and collaborate on your documents.

Always Up To Date

In my last blog post I discussed how quick access to your recently viewed files could help streamline the process of jumping between tasks, documents and activities. We’ve enhanced this feature in Huddle Desktop by making it simple to see who last worked on a file, the latest version number, and when it was last edited, so you can check what’s changed right from your desktop.

If you’ve ever tried to collaborate on a document via email, you’ll already know how careful you need to be to avoid opening and editing the wrong version. At Huddle, we make it easy to work on a single document, and always on the correct version. Huddle Desktop automatically checks that you’re working on the latest version, so you don’t have to worry. 


Quick Access to Your Workspaces

If what you need isn’t in your recent files, we’ve also made it easier for you to jump straight from the desktop to your online Huddle workspaces via a new workspace menu. Workspaces are also included in our quick search.

We’ve made lots of other enhancements; so if you want to find out more, read the version 4 release notes here.

If you haven’t used Huddle Desktop yet, it’s quick to install, secure and easy to use. Existing users tell us that they are up to three times more productive than when they use the web interface alone. Download the latest version and find out more about Huddle Desktop here*.

*If your organization manages your installation of Huddle Desktop, you might need to contact your IT department or send them details of how to upgrade. Users on the US instance will have access to version 4.0 in 2016.

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