We’re pleased to announce that Discussion boards have now been launched in Huddle – these provide you a chance to start forum-style discussions with your teams with a wide range of uses from collaborative conversations, notices, announcements, link sharing or problem solving. You will see the new Discussions tab appear at the top of the page next to Tasks so go and have a look!

Huddle’s Whiteboards will of course continue to be available as well – these are great for brain-storming, ad-hoc notes & collaborative work with your teams as each Whiteboard is designed to be freely edited by everyone you work with.

Discussions can be started by anyone by default but Workspace Managers can restrict this to themselves only if they wish from the settings area – as always your team members can be notified via email of new discussions and posts as they happen.

We hope this new application is useful to all our users – over the coming months we will be adding new features to make Discussions even better, but we’d love to hear any feedback or questions you have in the meantime.

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