A modern client portal solution should include collaborative features that allow teams to closely manage and work with the client at each step of an engagement. Unfortunately, many of the features required to do this are lacking.


According to our latest research with over 500 employees who work across Accountancy and Professional Services sectors:

Co-editing files: Only 42% were able to do this through their existing client portal.

Tasks: Just 42% had the ability to assign document-related tasks.

Approvals: Only half of the respondents could set approvals against the files in their client portal.

Client file uploads: Just 57% had the ability to manage client file uploads – despite recent industry data suggesting that 37% of the time in professional services is spent collecting and synthesizing information!


Are existing client portal solutions hampered by complexity? 

Huddle’s research also suggests that many first-generation client portals are simply to cumbersome to use.  Sampling respondents who didn’t use the client portal solution that was available to them, 55% found it easier to default to email. This suggests the potential utility, and feature richness of the existing solution just isn’t enough to move users away from email. 25% admitted that it was just too difficult to use, and 18% reported that their clients found it too complex.


Replace legacy client portal solutions

For firms still using first-generation client portals, now’s the time to revaluate and explore the possibilities offered by solutions such as Huddle.   This will offer a single interface through which teams can work and collaborate with clients in secure workspaces – including managing file-related tasks and approvals, managing discussions, co-editing, and controlling file versions. Best in class client portals will integrate with much of your back end IT infrastructure, allowing IT teams to mandate file storage locations, but also offering business users and clients a simple user interface. 


Huddle is the recognized leader in document collaboration and client engagement portals for the accounting and advisory industry. More than half of the world’s Top Ten global firms use Huddle to mobilize teams around their most important client engagements. From audit and tax work to advisory projects, Huddle’s cloud-based workspaces make it easy for internal teams and clients to come together, share and edit files, assign tasks and track team activity in a secure, shared environment. Quite simply, Huddle is the fastest, most secure way to work in the cloud; helping firms to win more business, retain more clients, and increase account profitability.


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