Last week we introduced Document Comparison, a new feature designed to help users who are collaborating on a Microsoft Word document to compare it with a previous version.

Document Comparison makes it easy to visually see changes that have been made between the current document and any historical version that’s stored in Huddle.

This is a problem we all face, and it’s only compounded when working with teams, partners and customers in other locations – something that’s increasingly common in today’s global economy. For Ria Aird, Business Development Manager at Baker Tilly International, and her team it can be a daily struggle.

“We do a lot of remote working - including with people in other countries, often across time zones. It can be challenging to quickly and clearly see amendments, changes and comments, particularly when working on large documents with a lot of input from various teams, such as agendas for our conferences, large proposal documents, working papers etc. That’s the main area where we will find Document Comparison useful.”

Collaboration is a major business driver, allowing organizations to achieve efficiency gains all the way to the bottom line. But when things like version control issues impede collaboration, no one wins. Document Comparison removes this barrier, bringing efficiency and accuracy to the document review process.

Ria agrees. “The biggest business benefits are that Document Comparison increases accuracy (with a clear view of the history of the document), efficiency (getting to comments/changes quicker) and clarity. This is essential when working in virtual teams.”

Kevin Hamilton, Managing Director at Berkeley Research Group sees the impact in the way BRG works with customers. “The feature makes us more productive and helps us respond to clients faster, which is the main business benefit. Document Comparison significantly speeds up our workflow and processes.”

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Features like Document Comparison are intended to further support our mission to make it easier for people to work together.

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