Whether you’re working on an important proposal, or just collaborating on some technical research, keeping track of changes made by your colleagues can really slow things down. When deadlines are looming, there’s often pressure to speed up review cycles, so simple tasks like finding and reviewing a few small changes in a 30 page document can be a frustrating experience.

That’s why I decided to spend my ‘Innovation Time’ working on a solution that would take the pain out of the review process. If you’re not familiar with Innovation Time, it’s where our developers get to spend 20% of their time working on a special project of their choice, either individually, or as a team, working with the freedom to explore ideas that will bring value to Huddle’s customers. We’ve had lots of success with Innovation Time projects in the past – the Huddle for Office Plugins started life as Innovation Time projects and became a popular features of our Huddle Desktop application.

Huddle’s Document Comparison feature is designed to allow users who are collaborating on a Microsoft Word document to easily identify what’s changed in the latest version, when compared with a previous version.

Preview changes in your browser

Quickly view what’s changed using the in-browser document preview. See any additions, deletions and formatting changes that have been made between versions.

Rich comparison information

‘At a glance’ view of changes between the compared versions, including style changes and what has been added or deleted.

You can also jump straight to pages containing changes.

Change notifications

When visiting a document that has been updated by someone else since you last viewed it, you’ll receive a notification that something has changed, along with the option to go straight to Document Comparison mode. 

Choose which versions to compare

Compare the latest version with any previous version to see what’s changed.

Document Comparison brings efficiency to the document review process while making it easy to compare comments by other users with changes to the document. 

With Document Comparison now live for Enterprise customers, it’s time to get started on my next project – we’ve got lots of exciting Innovation Time projects going on, so watch this space!

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