Back in August we spoke about the importance of preventing data breaches, and the increasing amount of collaboration taking place via cloud-based solutions.

“You’re working on a highly sensitive project, and need an effective way to collaborate with others, but you’re worried that confidential information could inadvertently be shared with the wrong people.”

If this sounds familiar to you, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. We hear this concern from many of our customers, and that’s why we’re excited to announce the introduction of improved user access control for Huddle (Enterprise and Public Sector editions).

Supporting Huddle’s continued focus on the security of your information our new ‘Domain Whitelisting’ feature allows users with "Company Manager" privileges to specify which email addresses or domains are allowed to access all, or some of the workspaces in your company account.

Externally collaborate with confidence

For example, consider a financial audit, where a client needs to provide sensitive financial data and documentation to his auditor. A Huddle workspaces does away with the need for file sharing via cumbersome FTPs, email, or insecure mechanisms such as thumb drives or hard copies. By allowing the auditor’s "Company Manager" to specify that workspace invitations can only be sent to email addresses on the auditor and client’s domains, or even to specific email addresses, both the client and auditor can collaborate with the confidence that comes with control over who has access to the workspace.

Feature Highlights:

  • Add a list of email domains, such as, or individual email addresses, such as, to a whitelist.
  • Select whether all workspaces should respect the whitelist, or only a subset.
  • Easily view and edit who is on the whitelist.
  • Anyone who tries to invite someone who is not on the whitelist will be informed and asked to contact their Company Manager.


Keep internal collaboration internal

Huddle is often used to run ‘internal only’ programs such as company strategy reviews or rebranding projects. In this scenario, customers want to be absolutely sure that only employees of their organization can view any associated collaboration content, comments and tasks. Domain Whitelisting allows these organizations to limit workspace invites to email addresses on the organization’s domain, ensuring a completely internal workspace.

At Huddle, we’re continually reviewing our security features to allow you to collaborate effectively and with the confidence that your content is secured against malicious intent or inadvertent security breaches.

If you are an Enterprise or Public Sector customer, you can begin using Domain Whitelisting today. Please check out our easy-to-follow guide, or contact your Customer Success Representative.

If you’re not on our Enterprise or Public Sector editions, but would like to use this feature, please contact your Huddle Customer Success Representative.

For the release notes on this feature, please visit Release Notes.

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