Hear that bang? That’s a contractor digging through the main power cable into your building. What about those police sirens? That’s your office building being blocked off after a local chemical spill. And that shouting? That’s your CEO finding out you don’t have an up-to-date business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan in place to recover from any of these crises.

It’s not your fault—you could only work with the tools you were given. The BCDR plan you put together last year was produced in SharePoint. Yes, it was tough to understand how the system worked and to navigate all the document libraries. No, you couldn’t incorporate plans for the emergency services or temporary call centers into the BCDR plan, because SharePoint prohibited you from collaborating beyond the company perimeter. And no, you couldn’t find the most up-to-date version of the plan because document version control in SharePoint was almost non-existent.

You had planned to use email and the Hightail consumer cloud storage platform to collaborate with colleagues and partners on some aspects of the BCDR plan, but your manager put this on ice over security fears. He didn’t want knowledge about what the company would do in an emergency leaking out to adversaries.

And as you stand outside the building, you realize you can’t even access the BCDR plan—even though it might be out of date—because it’s locked away in a filing cabinet in the building or sitting on a server that’s now three feet underwater. You try to hunt down an email copy on your mobile, but it’s sunk without a trace among 1,000 other emails.

As business stops or public services delivery grinds to a halt, how you wish you had Huddle.

This next-generation cloud-based content collaboration platform limits the disruption to public services delivery or business operations by streamlining the production of your BCDR plan and reducing the risk of BCDR planning and execution. You can share BCDR content and knowledge across the firewall with your colleagues, comment, assign tasks and approvals, and connect with the right people to maintain a compliant BCDR policy.

Huddle ensures the latest BCDR plans available to those that need them—no matter what happens. The solution removes the barriers to secure, easy, and quick distribution of such information. The Huddle mobile app also ensures the latest plan is available on your mobile device, allowing you to take prompt, urgent action to recover from the crisis.

Here are just some of the reasons why Huddle has the answer.

1. Avoid the SharePoint disaster in waiting

Unlike SharePoint, Huddle is easy to use. You can collaborate seamlessly across the firewall to develop a best practice blueprint for continuity and recovery. The Huddle app ensures you can review, approve, and review the BCDR plan from anywhere at any time (even when you’re stranded outside your building). And being cloud-based, Huddle offers a dramatically lower cost of ownership than SharePoint.

2. The latest BCDR plans are always at your fingertips

You can create, manage, and approve BCDR plans, ensuring all stakeholders are able to collaborate on their creation and future revisions. So when disaster strikes, you can immediately determine how employees will communicate, where they will go and how they will keep doing their jobs.

3. Secure collaboration

Huddle security is like watertight doors on a ship—accessible when the need to be, but impregnable when they shouldn’t be. Huddle has exceptionally rigorous security standards, including SSAE16 certified data centers operating to ISO 27001 certification. Huddle is also the most successful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) supplier on the UK government’s G-Cloud Framework.

4. The organizational memory

Huddle is so much more than secure cloud storage. It’s the most powerful collaborative environment available for workgroups. Every piece of your BCDR content lives in one secure place—accessible, sharable, and up-to-date. Features such as secure workspaces, version control, and audit trails, ensure you always work from the most up-to-date BCDR plan.

5. Mobile BCDR collaboration

If disaster strikes, your first step is to enter the Huddle app on your phone. There you can immediately access, review, and share the BCDR plan. It provides a simple, secure way to collaborate more efficiently with your coworkers and your ecosystem of partners, suppliers, and contractors when you’re on the move.

Hear that applause? Those are your colleagues congratulating you on how Huddle saved the day.

See how Huddle works for business continuity.

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 Richard Clarke

Richard has 20 years of experience in helping organizations from all sectors achieve their strategic business goals. However for the last decade, Richard has focussed on working with governments across the globe and has led teams to successfully break into and develop the Public Sector market for a number of British technology companies.

Richard graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in Psychology. Outside of work, he enjoys making music and is also a keen athlete, having completed in his first triathlon in May 2013 and his first half marathon in September 2013

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