For any integrated marketing campaign or PR launch, there is always a wealth of content that has to be created.

Whether blog posts, web site content, white papers or research reports, it’s likely that a trusty army of freelance writers will be called upon to help support an in-house team to produce all the content required by a campaign deadline. But having the in-house corporate communications team working with a freelance writer outside of your organization can become a real headache if you’re struggling to do this via email, FTP, or a Jurassic system—such as SharePoint—which requires an army of IT people to grant and provide external access to it.

Thinking about the process involved when working with writers across the firewall—it can be at best a mild annoyance and at worst painful—when using the wrong technology. The initial brief—primarily done via phone or face-to-face—is usually a seamless event. The corporate communications team hops on a call with your freelancer of choice to run through the topic in question, the target audience, the format of the content required, word counts, where it’s going to appear and when the first draft and final project need to be completed by. And this is where the seamless collaboration ends as straight after the kick-off call / meeting the email back and forth starts. The planned milestones, the background and outline for the content in question, the supporting customer stories that will bring the content to life, etc. all need to be shared across your firewall. Suddenly, working with a freelance writer can become a mess of emails threads, attached documents, ftp sites and USB drives. Have the latest comments been incorporated? Are more customer examples needed? Can the paragraph from the previous version be combined with the current version and tweaked slightly? And thus the email back and forth goes on.

Stepping out of the old world and into the new

Finally, after huge amounts of time sifting through emails, battling with FTPs, sharing information via consumer files storage tools, it may have been more efficient, quicker and far less painful for the content to have been written by the corporate communications team. Without the right technology underpinning the process, working with a freelance writer is like regressing back in time – you may as well be using carrier pigeons to share content, or at the very least be couriering hard documents.

Using Huddle as your platform when working with a freelance writer solves these issues and ensures everyone is on the same page. The fact your writer is outside of your organization isn’t an issue. You can simply invite them into a secure central environment to effectively share and work on content with your corporate communications team.

How Huddle makes working with writers easy:

  • Background documents and customer case studies can be uploaded into a central workspace: all parties that need to securely access, review and work on content can do so—regardless of whether they are inside or outside of your organization. Content briefs and related documents no longer have to be sent via email or ftp, which often results in lost information and confusion.
  • Tasks feature enables deadlines to be set: All deadlines and actions can be easily tracked with Huddle’s traffic light system and all files relating to a specific task can be attached to it, avoiding valuable time being wasted.
  • All comments and feedback can be easily tracked: Rather than sifting through inboxes to find document versions, the relating comments and feedback, Huddle links all discussions to a specific piece of content. You can see what feedback was provided by whom, on what day, so there’s no confusion around whether everyone’s working from the same document.
  • Full audit trails: Should you need to refer back to a previous document version of a document or remind yourself changes that have been made, Huddle’s full audit trail records all activity against a document and previous versions.

With no more lost documents, confusion over deadlines, information lost in inboxes and time wasted consolidating feedback, Huddle ensures that working with a freelance writer has never been easier for the corporate communications team. 

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