In this blog trilogy, I have looked so far at how Huddle transforms the end-to-end HR collaboration process—from the recruitment process and on-boarding to HR operational management. Here, in the last of three blog posts, I consider that all-important imperative: confidentiality.

Since I began my career in Human Resources management, one of the most important lessons I have learned is to respect confidentiality. By the very nature of our work, we are dealing with sensitive issues, such as corporate strategic development, salary negotiations, personal situations, or (thankfully rarely) disciplinary issues. We need to be seen as the trusted advisor to the organization: listening to people’s needs and doing what we say; but doing so in a secure, private manner.

That’s tough enough when you’re collaborating with employees—whether it’s an organization with 100 or 10,000 staff. But factor in the external companies, such as employment lawyers, training providers, brokers, health care providers, unions or consultation bodies, and that task suddenly becomes a whole lot harder.

Email is the typical vehicle used by most organizations to collaborate with these external HR influencers. But you might just as well read out the salaries of all your staff over a tannoy. Email (and the use of personal cloud-storage platforms like Dropbox) can easily lead to HR data loss. For example, the wrong person can be cc’ed on a note about a departmental restructure, or a team member can inadvertently forward an email concerning an employee’s performance appraisal or salary to the wrong recipient.

How about Microsoft SharePoint? On-premise deployments of SharePoint are designed to keep content locked inside an organization—not allowing users to share documents outside the company firewall. So sharing your business operations content with lawyers and other external teams in the HR ecosystem can be slow, time-consuming and delay decision-making.

Here at Huddle we take a different approach—one that enables you to collaborate on HR content with every HR stakeholder across the firewall securely. Huddle is one of the most secure ways to store, share, and work on HR content in the cloud. Protocols rival bank security systems, and our service level agreement (SLA) guarantees uptime of 99.9 percent. If you are preparing a new travel policy for the business, for example, you simply put the proposal document into a shared, secure workspace and invite comment from internal stakeholders, plus your preferred external travel agent partner, legal advisers, and accounting specialists.

This watertight security also comes into its own during merger and acquisition (M&A) activity—a frequent challenge for many HR professionals. Data leakage, speculation and rumour are rife during an M&A. Huddle lets you secure confidential content on a permission-based process, track who has accessed a specific document and define rigorous audit measures. Wherever data goes, you know where it is and where it has been.

Aside from confidentiality, there’s another important lesson I’ve learned during my HR career: that a successful HR professional is well connected both inside and outside the business. Using Huddle, that secure collaboration on both sides of the firewall is guaranteed.

What are your views? How is Huddle helping your HR organization to be both confident and confidential?

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