Security is top of mind for any organization, but especially for those that regularly work with customers, and their data. That’s why our focus has not only been to make it easier to work better together, but also to do so securely. We have worked hard to become the leader in secure collaboration and today’s announcement solidifies this position.

Today we announced the availability of our Unified Authentication Portal, the latest in a suite of administrative controls to manage user authentication, access and auditing. Now account managers can apply authentication and security policies across Huddle’s web, desktop and mobile apps in one simple step.

Additionally, our latest security features provide even greater control over access and permissions levels for an increasingly mixed ‘internal - external’ user environment:

  • Internal/External domains and permission control: Provides unprecedented insight into user access levels, allowing administrators to identify and control internal and external users and set permissions independently.
  • Support for cross-domain identity management (SCIM): Automates the process of adding, removing or changing users, allowing an organization to onboard and maintain their users without any manual oversight.
  • Two-factor authentication: Allows organizations to use SSO for employees, while also using 2-factor authentication for clients and partners.
  • Pin lock: Keeps data secure by forcing users to unlock the Huddle iOS app with a unique code.
  • Viewer (Online Only) access level: Provides more granular permission control for managers who can now enable users to view and collaborate on content online, without allowing them to download, copy or print it.

Security is at the heart of our product. As such, it is important for us to continue to deliver on our promise to securely enable productivity, collaboration and the digital workplace.

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