This year, Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday and in a blog back in February I discussed the huge impact that the social networking site had made on enterprise technology. Now, according to reports, Facebook is planning its own foray into the enterprise and has a team of engineers busily working away on its workplace-friendly site “Facebook at Work”. The product will apparently allow you to chat with your colleagues, collaborate on documents and connect with professional contacts.

While Facebook has had a positive impact on enterprise technology as a whole, driving it to become more user-friendly and bring together content, conversations and people, is the workplace ready for “Facebook at Work”? I’d certainly say “no” and there are a number of reasons why.

Firstly, while Facebook is clearly a productivity killer for the 23 per cent of people surveyed by, the social networking site has been banned by banking, government, and other organizations worldwide for exactly this reason.


Alastair Mitchell


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