We are coming up to another fantastic release of Huddle in February and we’d like to fill you in on the details.

You will notice the biggest improvements from the moment you log in. We have tidied up the way Huddle looks, works and feels. This includes improving navigation, shortcuts and content areas. In real terms, this means you’ll be able to find what you need faster, and get to work on it in a nicer (and let’s face it, prettier) work environment. You can experience it for yourself starting 10 February, or right now in our interactive demo.

A new, cleaner navigation with integrated quicklinks.

Another great upgrade is the ability to add a start date to your tasks, letting the assigned people in your team know when they’re meant to start a task, and allowing you to quickly see which tasks are at risk of not being completed on time. This change also includes a new ‘at risk’ status in task filters.

Start and due dates are easily selected and clearly shown.

The upcoming February release also includes many other improvements:

  • The visual Tasks indicator, which was released last month, is now on your Dashboard too. You can instantly see the status of all of your projects at a glance
  • Improved administration options ensure that, as an Account Manager, you can remove a user from all workspaces in your account.
  • You can now leave a workspace with a couple of clicks
  • You will experience significant performance improvements on the files pages, especially if you have really large workspaces. Page loading and folder creation times have been reduced
  • You can see the strength of your password when signing up, or changing your password (image below)
  • And you can wave goodbye to adverts (yes they are all gone!)

Huddle now helps you pick a stronger password.

And of course we fixed some bugs and tweaked a few things to make your experience with Huddle smoother, more fun and more productive!

As always we look forward to hearing your thoughts on the improvements.


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