How do successful public relations (PR) companies crack the collaboration conundrum? It’s a question to tax even the most battle-hardened PR veterans. Client information scattered in different corners of the business and different systems like email and FTP; the pressure of tight deadlines; the need to deliver a unified message across the international agency network.

In this Huddle case study, we show how F&H Porter Novelli—the German partner of one of the world’s largest public relations (PR) companies, Porter Novelli—has cracked the conundrum with Huddle.

Frustrated by the many hours staff spent consolidating different documents into one version for a product manufacturing client, the company turned to Huddle to enable everyone to work together on one document in one, central location.

“Everything is just easier with Huddle,” explains Claudia Hoellwarth, practice lead lifestyle at F&H Porter Novelli. “It’s had a tangible impact on the productivity of the program and eliminated many of the administration headaches often associated with coordinating large volumes of activity across multiple agencies.”

F&H Porter Novelli is the European lead agency responsible for managing and overseeing the delivery of the PR program at a pan-European level. As part of its role, the company coordinates activity with five different PR agencies.

“Previously, we were sharing information via a file sharing account and email,” Claudia Hoellwarth says. “For our clients, we were looking for a state-of-the-art tool that met all our demands. We wanted a central resource that would provide us with a more streamlined way of promoting cross-agency collaboration that individuals, teams and the client could access anytime, anywhere and immediately know the status of actions.”

F&H Porter Novelli wanted a transparent and flexible collaboration platform. Having worked with other file sharing services and dashboard solutions before, the company selected Huddle because it provided the most structured, state-of-the-art solution and had an extremely intuitive interface. As Huddle doesn’t require much training, it was easy to get users on board and quickly using the platform as the central repository for all account information.

Using Huddle, everyone can input into the same document and the transparent nature of Huddle makes it easy to see who has viewed and downloaded files.

“The biggest benefit for us has been the removal of the reliance on email as a form of communication between the different agencies. Using Huddle, we can create tasks and allocate them accordingly to the different agencies. Rather than type out an email to lots of different people, everyone can be notified with just one click,” Claudia Hoellwarth continues.

“We’ve set up different workspaces aligned to different topics and store all relevant files there. Rather than having to sift through emails to find updates and the latest versions, we can all access them in the same place. For the client, it is also a much better way of keeping updated on how activity is progressing,” she says.

At the moment, Huddle is used to manage its flagship account but moving forward F&H Porter Novelli is looking at how it can integrate it into its client service offering

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