We’re pleased to announce a new integration with Fileboard, an excellent sales team productivity tool.

Fileboard helps sales teams sell more effectively by providing actionable insights about prospective customers and sales materials. From online presentations to emailed sales collateral, Fileboard enables sales teams to easily track prospective customers’ interest. With Fileboard, sales teams know if they should follow up, when to follow up, and what to follow up with.


Seamlessly load any presentation or PDF file from Huddle and present it live using a personal url on Fileboard (no presentation codes or downloads). During the meeting you’ll know if prospect is interested and looking at the presentation or focusing on something else. Once the call is complete, you can easily send and track any presentation or document from Huddle to find out if and when you should follow up. And since Fileboard is mobile, sales teams can present, follow up, and track interest on all their Huddle content on the go.

Fileboard provides sales insights for hundreds of world-class sales organizations, and for a limited time, Huddle users can now take advantage of a special 20% discount. 

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