By Khuram Hussain (@khuramhussain), CEO, Fileboard

The enterprise is changing to adapt to new trends in technology: cloud-based systems are liberating workers from their desks and enabling them to get to content anywhere there’s internet while enterprise social collaboration technologies are redefining how workers communicate to get work done. Mobile devices like iPad are also helping to fuel this shift in the enterprise. Indeed, with large corporations like SAP providing every employee with an iPad and many companies replacing workers more expensive laptop computers with iPads, there is no doubt that tablets are becoming incredibly useful business tools in the enterprise. EnterFileboard.

Fileboard was founded with a singular vision: change how people work by making interaction with files while on the move completely effortless. Similarly, Huddle has developed an approach that uniquely combines cloud content management and social collaboration to create a central place where workers can intelligently collaborate around content, even on mobile devices.United by this common goal, Huddle and Fileboard have integrated technologies in order to enable enterprise mobile workforces to be more productive, cut costs and get more work done.

One major obstacle to productivity is email and although email is not the most robust or efficient method for mobile collaboration, it is the most widely used and recognized. For example, a salesperson might email himself a presentation so that he can present it at a client site. It’s not workflow-friendly and it’s not efficient.

Fileboard makes the emailing experience seamless by allowing workers to effortlessly upload files received through email (email attachments) into Huddle with a single swipe. Fileboard users can load up a presentation from Huddle and present it using a personal URL right from the iPad. Those who use consumer online file storage services like Dropbox can also copy files into Huddle and they can leverage Fileboard to annotate and save documents right from Huddle.

Fileboard’s integration with Huddle allows joint users to capture work items and effortlessly transfer them into Huddle for more robust collaboration with colleagues and teammates—with the assurance that all work is securely backed up. We’ve got great things planned ahead, so stay tuned!

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