It’s been a great week for news and announcements at Huddle.

Yesterday we launched our partnership with Intercall, the world’s largest conference calling company (with a staggering 80% adoption rate amongst Fortune 500 companies) and this morning we were greeted with the news that the Financial Times named Huddle as one of the UK’s 10 most promising startups, alongside the likes of WAYN (Hi Pete! Hi Jerome!), Lovefilm (I’ve used this service for about 4 years!), PlayFish (home to Zuzanna’s husband!) and SeatWave (I sold some Hot Chip tickets for a ridiculous amount of money last year!) alongside a bunch of proper companies that make tangible non-internet type things like plastic. I bet they don’t have meetings about usability.

As you can see from the piece we’re in lofty company – some of the firms mentioned have raised in excess of $200 million (compared to our £2M) so it’s wonderful to get the recognition that we’re doing great things on a (comparably) small budget. The InterCall deal was only the start of an exciting 2009 and we’re looking forward to making a few more big announcements in the next couple of months.

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